To help you determine deductions to which your company is entitled

When preparing your company’s income tax returns, our objectives are to:

  • claim tax credits to which you are entitled;
  • include the maximum number of deductions depending on your profile to minimize your tax bill;
  • identify possible Scientific Research and Experimental Development tax claims;
  • produce your returns such as to help you meet the prescribed deadlines and avoid penalties and interest charges;
  • work jointly and meticulously to deliver a quality product that meets government requirements.

Our tax experts stay abreast of the latest developments concerning tax credits, tax laws and regulations on an annual basis.

Corporate income tax returns prepared by BJC are systematically reviewed by senior tax experts with several years of experience.

The tax expert will summarily analyze your return and verify if, in general, your structure could benefit from general tax optimization measures. For example:

  • is the setting up of a trust advisable?
  • is the setting up of a holding advisable?
  • is the split between salary and dividends optimal?

The tax expert shall make a preliminary observation on the main income tax issues for you as an entrepreneur as well as for your company and make recommendations afterwards, as applicable.

Where required, verification shall be made to validate the amount of your tax instalments based on activities planned for the upcoming year. If the amount of your tax instalments should be adjusted downwards, that is what we shall recommend. That could have an impact on the cash allotted to your company’s other needs.

Also, we shall remain attentive to propose tax planning measures that could enable you to generate future tax savings. As applicable, we shall make recommendations on measures to take or different ways to operate such as to benefit from additional tax credits going forward.

Once you become a client of BJC, the partner responsible for your account verifies if your organizational structure raises tax issues. New clients of BJC have their previous years’ corporate income tax returns reviewed. If certain claims were not made and can still be made, we’ll suggest filing amended returns.

Contact our taxation CPAs to entrust the filing of your corporate income tax returns to professionals.


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