To entrust your accounting to trained technicians who are knowledgeable about government rules

Our accounting technicians provide the following services:

  • accounting of your operations (sales, purchases, salaries, credit card expenses, credit margins, debts and transactions listed on your bank statements) using the Acomba or Sage 50 software;
  • preparation of your tax reports (monthly, quarterly or annual);
  • preparation of your detailed internal financial statements;
  • calculation of your payroll as well as source deductions and bonuses and preparation of T4 slips.

The accounting of your operations can be done either on your premises or in our offices, at your convenience.

To benefit from having your accounts in order and actualized accounting data

Each client of our accounting department is paired with an accounting technician who will make sure to:

  • provide you with a list of the documents she will need to complete your accounting;
  • ask you the necessary questions to make the available tax claims;
  • contact you on a monthly or quarterly basis (according to the frequency of your tax report filings) to obtain the necessary documents;
  • remind you of payment terms and modes of payment among others with BJC, which uses a courier service to send documents to the governments;
  • answer your questions throughout the process.

Choosing to do business with a stable and qualified team is an investment that enables you to keep your accounting in order, make informed business decisions, comply with government regulations and avoid penalties.

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