Audit & Assurance

Each mandate is reviewed by several CPAs

Whether it’s for an audit engagement, a review engagement or a compilation engagement, when producing your financial statements, we strive to:

  • provide you with a quality product that complies with current standards;
  • help you meet the prescribed deadlines;
  • be present and available for you throughout the process.

Each file handled by one of our CPAs is reviewed by the director and the partner in charge of the mandate. A taxation CPA reviews the tax returns whereas a CPA specialized in quality control reviews the financial statements. This teamwork enables us to provide you with a high-quality product.

You are never a number to BJC and you are free to contact the partner or director at all times!

An efficient process for everyone

  • Our firm’s philosophy contributes to maintaining a low turnover rate among our employees and thereby ensures continuity in the processing of your financial information.
  • We plan several months in advance the assignment of our human resources to each account so as to help you meet the applicable deadlines.
  • We provide you ahead of time with a list of the documents we require to carry out our mandate. This allows you to prepare and produce all of the required documents efficiently before the mandate begins.
  • All of your information is processed confidentially pursuant to the Code of ethics of chartered professional accountants.
  • Pursuant to our process, you are informed of work progress and major issues raised.
  • The partner reviews the file and makes business recommendations when necessary.
  • A tax expert systematically reviews corporate income tax returns to optimize their tax treatment pursuant to income tax acts.
  • Our CPAs specialized in quality control review corporate financial statements and make sure they comply with applicable standards.

Our certification team offers you its services regardless of the type of engagement you need.

To obtain further information, please feel free to contact us to plan a meeting at your convenience. The first meeting is exploratory in nature and offered free of charge.

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