Life at BJC: our advantages

Working for BJC gives you access to a host of advantages.

Our advantages... in pictures!

Having a career at BJC means to evolve in an environment where work ambiance, quality of life and development of competencies are priorities, and where relationships are greater than numbers.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, discover right now how BJC offers you possibilities to achieve your professional goals.

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Learning opportunities

We have implemented a mentorship program that fosters our employees’ integration and development. We also have a complete and personalized training program that is adapted to our reality and within which each and every one of us has the opportunity to apply acquired knowledge directly to our daily work. We also make sure that our employees meet the number of continuing education hours required by the Ordre des comptables professionnels agréés du Québec.


Work / life balance

We are aware that work-life balance is important, and that is why we offer flexible work hours subject to the firm’s needs. For example, it is possible to have Fridays off during the summer or even to work shorter weeks from May to December. Also, the firm is closed for two weeks during the holidays (for Christmas and New Year’s). We also offer floating leave days because we know all too well that life has its share of unplanned events.


State-of-the-art tools

Our IT equipment is continually updated. We work on virtual files and on multiple screens even when we are on our clients’ premises. We also have the possibility of working from home when necessary.



We remunerate each and every hour worked, thereby acknowledging all of the efforts you make! On a yearly basis, we make sure that our remuneration is competitive within the market. Managerial staff is eligible for annual performance-based bonuses established according to specific criteria.


Our advantages

To ensure their peace of mind, regular BJC employees are entitled to a wide range of benefits as well as a group RRSP and differed profit-sharing plan. If you belong to a professional order, we shall reimburse your annual membership fee and professional liability insurance premium. We pay out generous bonuses to employees who refer candidates and have a commission policy that applies each time you refer a client to us.


Our work is serious but we know how to have fun!

A host of social activities are organized throughout the year: a party at the end of the income tax season, a summer activity, a team-building activity, a Christmas party, a family day, happy hours and a bowling tournament. These are but a few examples of the activities that we organize to strengthen the quality ties between us.


Our little extras

At BJC, we provide a friendly work environment in which everyone has a place and is important! We have access to a vast parking area, so forget about the problem finding parking in downtown Montréal! Take advantage of our Denim Fridays and unlimited free coffee! Stay abreast of our upcoming projects by attending our annual general meetings and stay informed of the latest news by reading our humorous internal newsletter, the Béjicien!

Marie-Josée Caron


Marie-Josée Caron

Assistant manager

Working for BJC is synonymous with flexibility and autonomy. We feel that we are truly treated as professionals. We form a family and everyone works together to ensure the firm’s success. 


BJC employee since 2007

Olivier Collard


Olivier Collard, CPA auditor


« I began with BJC as an intern in 2006 and I am now a partner. Internal development was an important factor in my career choice.

Today the father of two young girls, I particularly appreciate the work-life balance that BJC allows me to maintain. »

Marie-Ève Carrière


Marie-Ève Carrière, CPA auditor


«Working at BJC means achieving your full professional potential while having a work-life balance. It means being surrounded by peerless colleagues where everyone’s own path is respected.»

Jonathan Daigneault


Jonathan Daigneault

« Working at BJC means evolving with a group of exceptional professionals for whom the word “team” resonates louder than the word “individual”. Everyone contributes in their own way, according to their expertise and the degree of involvement desired.

BJC has also been an incredible help in my academic progress, allowing me to easily balance work and study while providing me with relevant teaching tools. Thanks BJC! »

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