If you have any questions, please contact us:

450 922-3650 extension 3333

Distant access

In order to offer you a superior service, Blain, Joyal, Charbonneau offers you to temporarily share your screen with us, in a very simple and secured way. If necessary, it is also possible to transfer us certain files and to communicate by webcam (if available).

  1. Click on the following icon.
  2. Process to download.
  3. Give us your ID and password displayed on your screen.

The following opening window will confirm you that we are connected. You can stop that connection at any time by clicking on the “X” of that window.

Once the window with our logo will be closed, we will not be able to connect us unless you proceed again with the 3 steps above with a new password. For the other options, we will give you instructions if needed.