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Deal with experienced CPAs to develop the “financial projections” component of your business plan

If you have an investment or business start-up project, you will need a business plan for financing purposes with your bankers or to present to your potential fellow shareholders.

We will help you draw up your plan—specifically with respect to financial projections—so as to give life to your ideas, wishes and ambitions.

To be effective, a business plan must demonstrate the company’s ability to generate sufficient cash assets to repay its debts.

Based on the financial information with which you provide us (e.g., capital outlay, assets and capital assets, estimated expenditures and sales, internal and external risk assessments), we will prepare financial projections for the coming years.

We will be able to provide you with advice while you work to secure funding and help you obtain the best offers when the time comes to present your business plan to financial institutions.

We can also advise you in partnership with specialists regarding the complementary stages of a business plan which generally cover the following aspects: company profile, market study, marketing, production, operations, commercialization and human resources.

To calculate and establish the feasibility of your project with experienced professionals, please contact our CPAs specialized in advisory services.

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