Advisory Services

To optimize your transaction and benefit from the advice of an experienced CPA

Mergers and acquisitions may represent interesting strategies to increase your worth and generate wealth.

Few entrepreneurs have carried out multiple company purchase or sale transactions. They often carry out only one or two during their entire career.

If you are considering a transaction with which you are not familiar or that involves your personal or corporate assets, the competency and expertise of our CPAs specializing in advisory services can provide you with the support you need to optimize your transaction.

Our CPAs will help you to find answers to your questions. For example:

  • are you paying or asking the right price?
  • are the risks too high?
  • are your assets secured?
  • what are the tax and financial impacts?
  • where can the appropriate purchasing targets be found?

All of your information is processed confidentially pursuant to the Code of ethics of chartered professional accountants.

When it comes to accompanying you during a transaction, we are aware of the importance of:

  • listening to your needs;
  • ensuring a presence throughout your process;
  • making ourselves available at decisive moments;
  • finding solutions to help you overcome any constraints along the way.

Personalized transactional accompaniment throughout the process

BJC has a multidisciplinary team of CPAs who specialize as tax experts or chartered business valuators (CBVs).

The partner who will support you during your project will explain to you how to proceed and guide you through each step of the process.

Several people revolve around the buyer and the seller. Up to ten or so people may sometimes interact during a transaction. We offer to accompany you in your dealings with these different stakeholders.

We have a network of contacts as well as excellent banks and legal resources to refer you to. Our goal is to ensure that your transaction unfolds smoothly.

BJC is a founding member of XLNC, an international alliance of independent accounting, consulting and law firms. We provide transactional accompaniment for foreign buyers with targets located in Quebec, as well as accompaniment by alliance members for our clients who acquire abroad.

Our team is experienced and reputable

We facilitate conferences and training to groups of sellers and buyers as well as to transactional market stakeholders.

In the optic of our partnership with you, we share the same objective of success!

Before taking action, consult us free of charge during an initial meeting and obtain an estimate of our professional fees.


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