To ensure an efficient collaboration between specialists with regard to your Canadian, American and international taxation

To accompany you in your international development projects, we have excellent referrals with which to provide you when it comes to firms specializing in international and American taxation. The goals are to ensure your competitiveness in your activity sector and your compliance with foreign tax rules while having you benefit from the most effective structure to launch your business projects.

We have developed strategic alliances with these professionals which enable us to work as a team on both the Canadian and foreign components of your projects.

These collaborators work like we do. They share the same values, pay the same level of attention to quality and focus on client proximity as much as we do. They offer competitive rates and provide high quality services.

Through our referral, you will benefit from a privileged access to their services as well as the same attention to your needs as BJC shows you.

Whether you are considering starting up a business or buying property abroad, we can accompany you in your foreign acquisition project to ensure compliance with all rules respecting income taxes, sales taxes and transfer prices.

Do not hesitate to consult trustworthy professionals if you have questions regarding American and international taxation.


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