Advisory Services

To obtain an external point of view

If you are a business leader, you know that you are sometimes alone to make decisions.

It is not always possible for you to consult your internal resources to evaluate certain questions.

An advisory committee is composed of people of your choosing. For example:

  • a chartered professional accountant;
  • a banker;
  • a lawyer:
  • an expert in human resources;
  • a management consultant;
  • a marketing expert;
  • a retired entrepreneur who used to work in your field of activity;
  • a current member of your board of directors.

You are the one who will determine the frequency at which your committee meets (punctually or periodically).

An idea discussed by several professionals around the same table is analyzed in much greater depth and all of its facets are validated. The resulting decision gains in strength and value.

Why an advisory committee?

  • to benefit from decision-making support (major projects, growth, transitions);
  • to obtain an independent external opinion on an issue that you need to put into perspective;
  • to demonstrate that you followed a rigorous and impartial process to make a particular decision;
  • to consult people who have experienced situations similar to yours.

One particular advantage is that you benefit from expert advices on aspects of management that you did not consider initially, before your business began to grow. These consultations therefore represent a form of continuing education for you as a business leader.

Invest in yourself and challenge yourself as an entrepreneur. Contact us for assistance setting up your advisory committee.

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