Advisory Services

To identify important points to consider when transferring a business

Our CPAs specializing in advisory services can accompany you in your reflections to establish the advantages and risks of eventually selling your company to your children or key employees.

We have several ideas to propose to help you come up with a plan that reflects your reality and will allow you the possibility to mitigate the fiscal, financial and administrative impacts of the transfer on both the buyer and the seller.

We have accompanied several clients during this stage of their succession plan, often one of the most important stages in the life of an entrepreneur.

To make decisions based on concrete figures and to prevent emotions from having an overly positive or negative influence with respect to the choice you will be called upon to make, you can count on our support and our external professional vision.

Unfolding of a business transfer

The following stages are proposed but they do not necessarily apply to all situations.

In other words, you determine the game plan and our role consists of helping you to take all angles into consideration.

  1. Ambitions and objectives of the seller
  2. Identification of potential successors
  3. Ambitions and objectives of the targeted purchaser
  4. Discussions, exchanges, undertakings
  5. Business valuation
  6. Business plan, projections
  7. Search for financing including balance of sale
  8. Due diligence
  9. Legal contracts and shareholders agreement
  10. Optimization of the fiscal structure
  11. Transfer of the company

Come and discuss the following questions with us:

  • Is the purchaser ready to take over? Is he truly aware of the financial, legal and administrative commitments and responsibilities that he will be taking on?
  • Is the seller ready to surrender power? Does he wish to proceed gradually?
  • At what price is the parent willing to sell the business to his child? Why is it important to consider the fair market value on both legal and fiscal levels?
  • How can the financial projections help you to search for financing and determine an optimal balance of sale?
  • How much will the seller be required to assume in financing and personal security?
  • How can a fair balance that is satisfactory to both parties be determined with respect to financing and the transfer of powers?

The sale of a business to successors is not a transaction that can be settled in the space of a few days by the signing of a document.

Based on our experience, a well-structured transfer to successors can take between 3 and 5 years to complete.

For this important stage in your life as an entrepreneur, call upon our professionals who have experience in business transfer.

The first meeting is exploratory and free of charge.


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