To validate if your corporate structure can help reduce your tax burden

This service offered to all of our regular clients is also available for external clients who may wish to consult us on an ad hoc basis for an opinion regarding your corporate structure.

Our service is complementary to the accounting services already provided to you by other professionals.

We serve not only entrepreneurs who already entertain excellent relations with their current accountant, but also chartered professional accountants who seek tax consultations on an ad hoc basis for the benefit of their own clients.

All of your information is processed confidentially pursuant to the Code of ethics of chartered professional accountants.

Our analysis will serve to validate if your current structure allows you to:

  • pay as little corporate and personal income taxes possible;
  • protect your personal and corporate assets;
  • plan a seamless transition in the event of the sale of your company, its transfer to successors, in case of your death, and so, while reducing the tax bill following the transfer.

Based on the findings of our analysis, we will determine if you could benefit from a change of strategy.

We can help you to find the answers to the following questions among others:

  • am I in an optimal situation despite the fact that I have not set up a management company or a trust?
  • if my company operates in two different sectors, should I be operating two distinct companies?
  • my structure seems complex. Should it be simplified by the winding-up or merger of companies?
  • is my structure optimized to claim capital gains deductions? Am I in a position of multiplying access to capital gains deductions with members of my family?
  • could I split my income with members of my family?
  • should I incorporate if I am self-employed?

BJC’s taxation CPAs are knowledgeable, competent and experienced. They conduct corporate structure analysis and optimization mandates on a recurring basis.

Consulting us is somewhat like consulting a cardiologist without, however, giving up your family doctor! Feel free to contact us for more information.


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