For an optimized structure targeting the reduction of your income tax bill

During your purchase or sale of a company, a tax expert can:

  • accompany you throughout the transaction to use the tax rules to your full advantage;
  • be an ally within your transaction team;
  • intervene with legal officials and bankers at several stages of the transaction. Your tax expert will play the role of architect and draft the memorandum of transaction required by financial institutions.

We are seeking the same result as you are: to establish the best possible structure for the sale or purchase of your company.

If you are the BUYER, we will propose an optimized structure enabling you to:

  • deduct the interest paid on the money financing the purchase;
  • reduce your income tax bill as much as possible for as long as you are an entrepreneur;
  • reduce your income tax bill as much as possible at the time you resell the company or transfer it to a younger generation or key employees;
  • protect your patrimony and preserve your wealth.

If you are the SELLER, we will advise you on how to maximize your income tax savings. Among other things, BJC’s tax experts may provide you with:

  • a detailed technical analysis;
  • a diagnosis of your situation;
  • the income tax payable related to the sale of your company;
  • tax planning ideas to pay the least income tax possible;
  • ideas on how to protect your patrimony and preserve your wealth.

An efficient process

We shall provide you with detailed information on various considerations and explain to you how the different stages shall unfold.

We can recommend professionals, legal experts and bankers to form your transaction team.

We shall commit to meeting the deadlines and establish with you a timeline that is adapted to your situation.

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