For advice and accompaniment during a government audit

If you have been contacted by a government official asking questions about your income tax returns (personal, company or trust), source deductions or taxable benefits, you may call upon one of our tax experts to obtain:

  • assistance to validate the amount of a tax assessment or any other amount due;
  • explanations to understand on which bases the tax authorities established an assessment and to see if the amount assessed can be revised downwards;
  • assistance to produce the documents and evidence requested by Revenu Québec and/or the Canada Revenue Agency;
  • an external opinion regarding your compliance with the Income Tax Act (Canada) and the Taxation Act (Québec).

One of our taxation CPAs can assist you, regardless of the stage of the government’s audit of your income tax returns (the “draft assessment”), whether:

  • upon receipt of the request for information from the tax authorities;
  • when you are required to provide evidence or documents;
  • once your discussions with the auditor have reached an impasse.

You may also consult us to verify if, depending on your situation, it is worth challenging the position held by the auditor and establish the factors playing in your favour, if applicable. Such a consultation will help you to determine whether or not it is worth investing in a notice of objection process.

We also provide our services to chartered professional accountants who seek consultations for the benefit of their own clients.

If you would like to consult a tax expert to obtain a clearer picture of your situation, please contact us to schedule a consultation.


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